Answered By: Library User Service Division
Last Updated: Nov 25, 2016    

All group study rooms have a minimum number of students allowed in a specific room. If you book a group study room which accommodates 2 to 8 persons, then at least 2 people must enter the room within the first 30 minutes of the booked time period. If you book a group study room which accommodates 4 to 8 persons, then at least 4 people must enter the room within the first 30 minutes of the booked time period.

The person who reserves the room is responsible for the other students attending the group study. If none or only one person enters the room within the first 30 minutes of the booked time period, then the person who makes the reservation will have a 'default' on his/her account. If such defaults happen more than 3 times, then the person will not be allowed to book another study room for 30 days.

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