Answered By: Library Textbook and Publication Division
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2017    

Textbook Division is able to help module leaders to purchase E-textbook. Module leaders shall submit request of E-textbook abide by the same textbook request purchase procedures illustrated in Textbook Service Policy. Under some special situations, Textbook Division will help module leaders to obtain E-textbook( if published) when hard copy is unavailable to purchase or as an urgent order. In addition, the following issues are also needed to be taken into considerations when module leaders decide to purchase E-textbook:

a. Price of E-textbook is not guaranteed  to be lower than hard copies;

b. E-textbook is only accessible by using code within a certain period, which is depended by publishers' side; usually it will be expired from 6 months to 1 year later;

c. Any unauthorized e-format ( like PDF, JPGE and etc.) of hard copies, downloaded from third parties will be considered as piracy;

d. Availability of purchasing hard copies do not means the availability of E-textbook;

e. Currently, as long as a E-textbook is purchased, it can be only used as Mandatory textbook, which requires every enrolled student to buy