Answered By: Library Collection Development Division
Last Updated: Apr 11, 2017    

Generally, the Library purchases only 1 copy for imported books and 2 copies for domestic books to make the best use of library budget and physical space.

In cases when there is exceptional teaching demand, the Library will consider duplicate copies requested by academic staff in light of the following scales:
• 1 copy for a module with 0 - 100 students
• 2-4 copies for a module with 101- 500 students
• 5-10 copies for a module with more than 500 students

To request for duplicate copies, justifications with the module title/code, and number of students should be provided in the Purchase Request Form. Otherwise, the Library will then purchase according to general standards.

Contact if you are not sure about the number of copies which can be purchased for the book you would like to request.