Answered By: Ask a Librarian
Last Updated: Nov 28, 2016    

Most of the e-resources in XJTLU Library are subscription-based, which means that XJTLU and XJTLU Library spend a substantial amount of money on subscribing to those resources. Additionally, the Library has agreement with each publisher which governs the use of their e-resources. Certain activities are permitted and others forbidden. Thus, in order to protect the intellectual property rights of electronic material, to maintain the reputation of XJTLU and to guarantee the legal rights of all authorised users as well, the Library appeals to all individuals and organisations to pay attention to and comply with the following regulations on the use and copying of electronic resources (all databases and electronic material purchased, shared or self-built by the Library, all databases under trial use, and all material that has been digitised):

  • Authorised users (all current staff and students of XJTLU, and any visiting scholars and students who have been authorised by the Library to use its electronic resources) are allowed to search the Library’s searching platforms and databases.
  • Authorised users are usually allowed to view, download or print a copy of an article from the Library’s electronic resources portal for personal use (study, teaching, research). However, bulk downloading using Internet tools or systematic downloading/printing are strictly prohibited.
  • Authorised users may send a copy of an article downloaded from the Library’s electronic resources portal to another authorised user. They are not allowed to give the Library’s e-resources to individuals or organisations outside the University.
  • Authorised users should acknowledge the source when using electronic material. Authors’ name, journal title, the publisher’s copyright notices, or other means of identification of the electronic material shall not be removed or altered.
  • Authorised users may make electronic material available through a secure intranet or virtual learning environment (e.g. e-Bridge) for teaching use with appropriate acknowledgement of its source and link. Yet some publishers do not permit users to upload resources. Please contact the Library before uploading e-resources to an intranet or virtual learning environment.
  • Authorised users have the responsibility to safe-keep their university accounts and computers. Theft of IP or personal accounts of others in accessing the Library’s electronic resources is strictly prohibited. Authorised users are not allowed to give away their university accounts to others. Any violators themselves must suffer the consequences concerned. 
  • Authorised users are not allowed to use the Library’s electronic resources for commercial purposes on all accounts. Any violators themselves must suffer the consequences concerned.

For more information about the copyright and fair use issues, please visit the XJTLU Copyright Guide