Answered By: Ask a Librarian
Last Updated: Apr 16, 2020    

Since most of the Library e-resources need user authentication, they can only be used within XJTLU’s IP addresses using XJTLU network. As a result, if your device is connected to the campus network, you can directly access all Library e-resources. However, if you are off-campus, you will have to follow certain steps to access Library e-resources.

There're two methods for you to access Library e-resources when you are off-campus:

1. Get user authentication after log in with your XJTLU account 

  • If you are using Discover and have reached the search result page, you may click "Hello, Guest. Login for full access." on the top to reach the proxy login interface

  • If you are using Databases, click the title of the database to reach the proxy login interface.

          After authentication, all the operations are the same as on campus.

2. Get user authentication by connecting to XJTLU VPN 

XJTLU VPN supports access to intranet resources off-campus. By using XJTLU VPN, you can access  Library e-resources just as on-campus. Please be noted that XJTLU VPN does not support access to website such as YouTube, Instagram, and etc.  

Please download XJTLU VPN by following VPN User GuideAny queries relating to installing XJTLU VPN, you may contact Management Information Technology and System Office (Email:, Phone: 0512-88161250).