Answered By: Library User Service Division
Last Updated: Mar 02, 2020    

You are welcomed to donate items to the Library. You can:

  • Put your books into the donation box beside the southern entrance of the Foundation Building, or
  • Submit your books to the library staff at Library Service Counter (Level 3, Library)

Criteria for acceptance of donations include:

  • The items should be clean, unmarked and in good physical condition, unless there is an exceptional case for acceptance;
  • One or several volumes (not integrate) of a multi-volume collection will not be accepted;
  • The items should fit within the scope of the library’s collections;
  • The Library does not generally collect unpublished materials;
  • The items should be free of licensing, copyright or other restrictions;
  • Titles that duplicate existing library resources may be accepted, if the existing copies are in heavy demand and the number of copies is less than 5.