Answered By: Library User Service Division
Last Updated: Apr 07, 2020    

In general you should have your ID card with you at all time, to enable access not just to the Library but to other University buildings and facilities.

If you do forget your card though, use your assigned university login details to open the wide access control gate to access and exit the Library. But keep in mind that you can only use this process 8 times each month respectively for entering and exiting the Library.

If you have lost your card, please report to One-Stop Office. Meanwhile, please report loss in Library Catalogue (OPAC) or Library Service Counter on Level 3 in the Library. While a new card is being issued for you, the wide access control gate should be used. You will have unlimited access after you report the card loss. After your new card has been issued, please note that the access control gate rules stated above will be immediately applied.