Answered By: Library User Service Division
Last Updated: Apr 07, 2020    

When you can’t find a book on shelf after looking it up in Library Catalogue (OPAC), one or more of the following reasons might apply:

  • It is likely that someone else in the Library is reading the book within the Library. You can check the shelf again in the next few days to see if the book has been returned. Alternatively, you can ask a library staff at Library Service Counter (3F) to help you find the book. They will notify you when the book is found and where you can find it.
  • If the book is not returned for a long time, it is likely that somebody could have put the book in the wrong place within the Library. It will take time for library staff to relocate the book. They will also notify you when the book is found.
  • The book may be placed at the new arrival area. You can ask staff at Library Service Counter (3F) whether the book is a new arrival or not.
  • It may be that the book is in the process of being re-catalogued by the Library. Library staff can notify you when the re-cataloguing is finished and is ready to be borrowed.
  • It might be that the book is lost, and you may report this to the Library.