Answered By: Ask a Librarian
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2020    

The withdrawal of your output depends on the status of your record. For an unclaimed output, you can just click ‘Delete’ to remove it from you unclaimed output list. For a claimed output, you’d better check if it is reviewed by admin team:

  • A record marked as ‘Under review’

    • You can click ‘Disclaim’ to transfer the record to Unclaimed Output list and then click ‘Delete’ to remove it.

  • A record marked as ‘Reviewed’

    • A reviewed output is open accessed in Research Repository. It may be withdrawn through contacting by completing the Research Repository – Alternation & Withdrawal Form.

    • On receipt of your request, Research Repository admin team will promptly:

      1.    Acknowledge the receipt of your request by return email;

      2.    Embargo the alleged infringing work so public access is temporarily restricted;

      3.    Assess the validity of the request (During the process, Research Repository admin team will contact the depositor if relevant and possible, outline the nature of the complaint and give the depositor an opportunity to refute the complaint.);

      4.    Communicate the outcome of our assessment.

  • All requests will be investigated and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. If it is concluded that the work is in breach of intellectual property rights, the work will be permanently withdrawn from the Research Repository website. If it is concluded that the work does not breach any intellectual property rights, then the item will be reinstated.