Answered By: Ask a Librarian
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2020    

In Web of Science Core Collection, a researcher’s affiliation would be displayed on the publication as well as the record webpage of the published paper. Normally, information included in the publication is provided by the researcher while details on the record page are grabbed from the publication automatically. As a result, an incorrect affiliation on the publication leads to the same error on the record page.

If your affiliation displayed wrongly on the publication, you need to contact your publisher to correct it before moving on to the record page. If your affiliation only displayed wrongly on the record page, please start from distinguishing between Address and Organization-Enhanced Name(s).

Web of Science Core Collection does not include any punctuation mark in Address. It also abbreviates University as Univ. So you do not need to require a change when your Address is shown as ‘Xian Jiaotong Liverpool Univ’ with the name of the organizational unit(School, Center, Department, or Institute).  

In terms of Organization-Enhanced Name(s), Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University is the only correct format to shown in Web of Science Core Collection. Any other display of Organization-Enhanced Name(s) cannot relate you to XJTLU. 

The guideline How to Correct an Affiliation on Web of Science Core Collection will guide you through the correction of affiliation on Web of Science Core Collection.