Answered By: Ask a Librarian
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2020    

If you would like to find the full texts of an ebook which is not available in XJTLU Library, you may firstly have a try using Duxiu Academic Search.

You may find Duxiu under "D" in Database A-Z list.

Step1: Search for the book using the search box. Select "Books" and enter the book title. If it is an English book, click "Foreign Search"; if it is a Chinese book, click "Chinese Search";


Step 2: Find the book in the search result list, and click the title to enter the detail page;


Step 3: Click "图书馆文献传递" (Library Inter-Library Delivery);


Step 4: Enter your email and verification code. You can only get a maximum of 50 pages per request. If you would like to view the whole ebook, submit the form again.


If you have any problems with the process, email for further help.