Answered By: Ask a Librarian
Last Updated: Aug 17, 2021    

When you are off-campus, there’s no need to log in EBSCO when you want to download full texts from Discover.

There’re two ways to get user authentication before downloading full texts:

  1. Login on EZproxy Interface
  2. Connect to XJTLU VPN

Once you got user authentication, you may download full texts directly from Discover just as when you are on campus.

The EBSCO login is unnecessary for resource downloading, but it provides additional functions (e.g. add articles to EBSCO Folder). If you would like to use additional functions provided by EBSCO, you need to log in to your personal EBSCO account at the top right corner of the EBSCO platform. When you are off-campus, get user authentication first before logging in your EBSCO account.