Answered By: Heng Ping
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2022    

The current practice for module leaders to submit FYPs/Dissertations is uploading documents to the Library “Preservation of FYPs and Dissertations” module on Learning Mall.
Documents to be uploaded include ‘FYPs (or Master Dissertation) Information Collection Form' which is filled by students and then reviewed by the school as the module provider; full texts of students’ FYPs or master dissertations (final version)

Here are four steps for you to go:
1.    Set up your module page at the beginning of the semester, making “Information Collection Form” a compulsory task before they could submit assignments to Drop Box.
2.    Inform your students about the requirements of the information that they will input, especially the format of file name and concept of the embargo period.
3.    Export the “Information Collection Form” in excel format and review the consistency of students’ input. Make the decision on embargo settings to enable a certain proportion of full texts accessible to XJTLU users. In the meanwhile, you also need to download the full texts submitted by students. 
4.    Upload all the documents to the Library’s module page “Preservation of FYPs and Dissertations” on Learning Mall. Remember to locate the submission link for the exact module code as yours.

You may refer to the FYP DISSERTATION PRESERVATION MANUAL for more information.
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