Answered By: Ask a Librarian
Last Updated: Oct 07, 2019    

The alternation of your output depends on the status of your record. For an unclaimed output, you can just click ‘Claim’ to modify details of the record. For a claimed output, you’d better check if it is reviewed by admin team:

  • A record marked as ‘Under review’
    • You can click ‘Disclaim’ to transfer the record to Unclaimed Output list for alternation.

  • A record marked as ‘Reviewed'

    • A reviewed output is open accessed in Research Repository and can only be alternated by the author or depositor with justification. Examples of reasonable reasons include but not limited to new version corrects significant error(s) in previous version, new version includes new content, and new version supersedes previous version.

    • The requestor must note in their request the specific changes that have been made, in order to allow Research Repository staff to assess the request.

    • If you wish to make an alternation request, please contact by completing the Research Repository – Alternation & Withdrawal Form.